Meet Brittany Zahora

Wedding Resort Specialist

Modern Destination Weddings

Office: (832) 369-2828 ext. 321

Toll-free: (866) 369-1882

I was born and raised in the City of Chicago, where it can be warm and sunny one day and freezing cold the next. For someone who loves to sunbathe, it was tough wearing sweaters and long pants in the summer months! I’ve always said I was born to be in the sun, so the weather in Chicago was never my cup of tea. This was the driving force for me to travel to parts of Mexico, Australia, and warmer regions of the United States. My favorite place to travel to outside of the country is Mexico. Nothing beats the breathtaking scenery and the overall affordability. If I had to pick one spot in the United States that I love, it’s Las Vegas! The desert climate, nightlife, bright lights and extravagant hotels always keep me captivated.

My husband and I love Las Vegas so much we decided to have a destination wedding there and it was the best decision of our lives! Whenever I tell people I got married in Las Vegas they always ask if Elvis officiated my wedding or if I got married on the strip in a little chapel. I am sure I disappoint with my response, but my wedding was planned over a year in advance. 🙂

Having a destination wedding opened my eyes. I learned so much about myself, others, and everything that goes into the process of planning a destination wedding. This experience and my passion for soaking up the sun ultimately led me to pursue my passion and become a Wedding Resort Specialist at Modern Destination Weddings in Houston, TX. I am beyond excited to be in this role, to be living in a state that consistently has warm weather, and to never shovel snow off my car again!

A little about me…

  1. My all time favorite trip… has to be when I went to Australia and had the chance to explore Sydney, Brisbane, Noosa & Byron Bay.
  2. My dream vacation is… to travel to Europe. I want to taste the food and embrace the culture. This dream vacation is definitely on my bucket list! There is just something whimsical about traveling to Europe with a loved one.
  3. My favorite restaurant is… Portillo’s. I am from Chicago and nothing is better than a Portillo’s burger with cheese fries… yum!
  4. My recommended travel tip is… if you are traveling for an extended period of time or going out of the country, buy yourself some Space Bags. They will save you so much suitcase space and are inexpensive. They also have Space Bags that don’t need a vacuum, which is perfect!
  5. My favorite TV series is… The Walking Dead. I love The Walking Dead so much that I named my German Shepherd, Negan!
  6. My favorite leisure activity is… to soak up the sun and snuggle with my puppy.