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I was born in Mexico and moved to the United States when I was five years old. The difference in cultures and how I share those differences in both cultures sparked the idea of exploring the world. I love to try new foods, listen to all different types of music and learn from the behavior of others’ culture and traditions. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Finance and was a part of Smith-Hutson Scholarship. I plan to continue my education in the following years, by pursuing an MBA from the University of Houston. I have always been very intrigued in the idea of exploring other cultures, therefore travel has always been something I want to do each time the opportunity presents itself.

I have explored the beaches of Florida & South Texas and fell in love with the scenic views, fresh air and amazing sunsets. Overall, I believe in enjoying life, not just existing but living. For me to live by such creed I plan to make the effort to travel and learn as much as I can while I can.

A little about me…

  1. My favorite drink is… Craft Beer preferably IPAs.
  2. My favorite sport team is… The Houston Texans.
  3. My favorite quote is… “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott”
  4. My favorite TV Series is…. The Office.
  5. My favorite Hobby is… Working Out.