Meet Krystal Aziz

Associate Team Leader – Travel Specialist

Modern Vacations & Destination Weddings

Office: (832) 369-2828 ext. 525

Toll-free: (866) 369-1882

“No matter how far you go in life, don’t ever forget where you came from”. My dad embedded this saying into my head as I grew up in city full of greatness, New York City. My youth years were filled of vacations all over the world, from China to Hawaii to the Dominican Republic. My teen years were filled with many more adventures, from traveling to France, Australia and Peru. While at Sam Houston State University chasing a Marketing degree,I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Dubai. It was the city that shattered any expectations I had and made me dream bigger than I could ever imagine. After graduation I now have more time to check off destinations on my bucket list like Brazil, Italy & Egypt. Today I stand with the world as my canvas and the willingness to emerge myself into new cultures, learn about all religions, and meet new people. 

Working for Modern Vacations has allowed me to express all my traveling experience with people of all ages which makes this job so exciting! It is constant conversations about traveling and that is one subject you can’t ever learn enough about!

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” -Ibn Batutta

A little more about me…

  1. My all-time favorite trip… must be the month-long trip I took with my family when I was a teenager to China, Thailand, Japan, and Cambodia!
  2. My favorite drink is… Dos XX, stay thirsty my friends!
  3. My favorite sport team is… the New York Yankees!
  4. My favorite hobby is… dancing, it’s a way to express how you feel without words!
  5. My favorite musical artist is… the one and only Beyoncé!