Meet Rhonda Dehner

Vice President/Wedding Resort Specialist

Modern Vacations & Destination Weddings

Office: (832) 369-2828 ext. 310

Toll-free: (866) 369-1882

Living in Spain, Mexico, and Bonaire made me fall in love with different cultures, languages, and traditions.  Experiencing the country is what I love.  I have gone deep sea fishing in Costa Rica, explored pyramids in Mexico, experienced whale watching in Los Cabos, and in Jamaica climbed part of the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios and toured the Rose Hall Great House Night Tour through the home of the White Witch, as I listened to stories by candlelight in Montego Bay.  The most fun about traveling is creating memories with family and friends in these exotic locations.

Every day I introduce bride and grooms to the possibility of getting married in another country with family and friends.  Such lovely memories that all who go will share.  Also, I have the opportunity to travel with my 2 sons and work family at Modern Vacations & Destination Weddings.  What a dream job and life!

A little more about me…

  1. My favorite destination is… Mexico.
  2. My all-time favorite trip has to be… our Office FAM trip to Jamaica.
  3. My favorite drink is… sweetened iced tea.
  4. My recommended travel tip is… to bring money for tips for excellent service at the resort.
  5. My favorite TV series is… The Voice.