Brittany & Richard

Wedding Date: 6/22/2018
Dreams Los Cabos Suites

The entire experience was amazing and we truly enjoyed our entire time at the resort. While the fireworks to conclude the reception and the private boat cruise the following day were both really good, the overwhelming memory we have is the number of guests. With over 100 guests, we were told this would be the largest wedding to take place at the resort all year. The support and love from our friends and family was truly unbelievable and remains our fondest memory.

“In one word, we would say elegant. Although, it was Mexico in the summer we still encouraged guests to dress upscale. Even though we had an elegant wedding, once the reception opened the dance floor it was a PARTY!!!!! A pretty good party if we may say so.”

“We were fortunate enough to have fireworks conclude the reception and it was great. It put the final cherry on top of what was one of the best days of our lives.”

“Our favorite part about working with Modern Destination was that they were there every step of the way. They helped us choose a destination, plan the wedding and keep all guests on track. We also really enjoyed how they kept us aware of the status of the guests so that we could nudge our friends and family when needed and remain aware of the guest count.”