Lauren & Kelton

Wedding Date: 1/15/2021
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Cancun

“How do we even choose one? We can’t, so we’ll give you our Top Two! The first, is we did a Sand Ceremony instead of exchanging rings after reading our vows to each other. To be able to physically see and create the significance of marriage in the middle of our ceremony was so special, and now we will forever have a glass vase filled with our colored sand mixed together. The second, is shutting down the party with everyone on the dance floor jumping and singing to the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. I think everyone had a permanent smile on their face for the rest of the night, and it was the perfect way to end our wedding.”

“Cancun is one of our favorite places on Earth. It’s not only stunning everywhere you look, but it’s a party everywhere you go! And that’s exactly what we wanted our wedding to be. We kept décor simple and more natural to highlight the beauty all around us, while adding in pops of color and of course, fun!”

“We wanted our guests to know right away that they were not attending an average wedding, and that they were in for a dang good night ahead of them! As each guest walked onto the beach to sit down for the ceremony, a Lemon Drop shot was waiting for them. Everyone had to take their shot then take their seat.”

“From beginning to end, they were not only a dream to work with, but also a life saver. Our wedding was originally set for May 2020, but was postponed just weeks beforehand all the way to January 2021 because of Coronavirus. This was not only stressful, but absolutely heart breaking. Luckily, we had Modern Destination Weddings and they truly took care of us. They acted quickly, rescheduled our dates, renegotiated terms and contracts, as well as handled all guest travel. A massive weight was taken off of our shoulders, and we have no idea what we would have done without them. If you’re looking for a sign to use Modern Destination Weddings, this is it.”