Rosybell & Daniel

Wedding Date: 10/23/2022
Hyatt Ziva Cancun

“From Daniel: My favorite memory is having our first dance and seeing the fireworks light up the dancefloor. Seeing my wife, the fireworks and the ocean in the background felt like something out of a movie scene.That moment will forever be etched in my brain.

From Rosy: So many to choose from!! Apart from our first dance, which was beyond magical, I’d say getting surprised by a man covered in LED lights. The man covered in LED lights and a face mask that read “Daniel loves Rosybell”  joined our reception and started pouring tequila shots into everyone’s mouth. As a couple, we love to dance and celebrate with our loved ones so we set that expectation very early on, but this surprise really brought the vibes we wanted early on in the reception. Seeing the adults, of all ages, lineup to take shots was absolutely a highlight and now a core memory. We still laugh about it ’til this day.”

“Romantic and elegant beach wedding, with light pink and purple hues.

From Rosy: I would say having my mom walk me down the aisle. I never considered myself to be a “traditional” bride. I wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as individuals and as a couple, not what society says you have to do. Having my mom walk me down the aisle meant the world to me. She is my rock, my everything. The moments we shared right before walking down the aisle and as we approached the altar were really special to us. 

From Daniel: I loved our dancefloor and how it lit up throughout the night. Being able to share the dancefloor with my family and my newfound family and friends was the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of our marriage.

“We can’t recommend Modern Destination enough. Our contacts Kendyll and Itzel were extremely responsive and courteous, from beginning to end. They were always willing to jump on a call to talk things through and gave us the assurances we needed every step of the way. Our destination wedding journey was somewhat atypical from what you would expect. We fully anticipated getting married in Punta Cana this year, but mother nature had other plans. Due to hurricane fiona and its impact in the Caribbean, our wedding venue closed indefinitely. We were notified of this change just two weeks before we were scheduled to get married. It was such a stressful time and there is no way we could’ve handled this massive disruption in  wedding plans without the dedicated help and constant communication from Kendyll and the team at Modern Destination. Most of our guests were able to make the change in their travel plans and timing and that was largely due to the coordination, communication and flexibility that Modern Destination provided during that time. We distinctly remember hearing from guests how helpful and attentive their travel agents were in rebooking flights and hotels. We’re fully convinced the process to find a new venue (in less than a month) and rebook our wedding guests would not have been possible without Modern Destination. They handled the logistics, responded to guests’ questions, and fought on our behalf to ensure guests’ room rates were honored so that we could focus on working with the new hotel and vendors. We both believe everything happens for a reason. Our wedding in Mexico was magical and we are so appreciative of Modern Destination’s help in getting our loved ones to Mexico for our special day. We can’t thank you all enough!!”