Tiffany & Travis

Wedding Date: 12/10/2016
Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino

“Being surrounded for family and friends who are genuinely happy for you and wanting to celebrate your union! My journey to the aisle was an eventful one. But being in this beautiful country with great weather was nothing short of amazing. MIND YOU it did RAIN the morning of our wedding day! I was in TEARS! I just couldn’t understand WHY TODAY does it rain WHY!? A few hours later the sky’s cleared the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Our wedding planner at the resort Jennifer was amazing. Our rehearsal with our wedding party was PAINLESS, okay! All of 30 minutes if that! Our son was thee cutest ring bearer, lol, and funny as well! Just the overall experience I would do a million times over! We will definitely renew vows in the years to come and it will again be with Modern Vacation & Destination Weddings!”

“Simple. I always felt that less is best. I felt that because we were already in this beautiful country I didn’t need to be over the top. That provided me with a sense of comfort and became less stressful with trying to overdo things so EVERYONE ELSE would be impressed. Meanwhile it may not have been something I genuinely wanted.”

“My bouquet. I lost my father when I was 17 due to a motor cycle accident, can you say heart broken. I was a Daddy’s girl for certain. One of the things that I felt would never have is my Father walking me down the aisle. My Husband as well lost his father at the same age. I knew we needed a way to represent them but I wanted to be more than just a candle or a seat. So I happen to be on Etsy and stumble upon these picture frames in which the bride had love ones in. In that moment I knew that what I thought I wasn’t going to have, I now would. My Father was able to walk me down the aisle as my brother let me hold on to his arm. It was very sentimental for both of us. As you can see he was crying, which in return made me cry, which then had EVERYONE crying especially my Aunts. My Father was the baby of 15 so having my Aunts there meant so much to me!”

“Itzel and Kristen were nothing short of amazing. I felt I had wasted so much time and money before I decided on a destination wedding. I had paid for a venue in New York and then decided months later I no longer wanted to move forward. I had to change my original wedding date but in the end they made it all worth it. I wasn’t stressed, they were more than accommodating not only with me but with my family as well. By far one of the best experiences a Bride could have. Having a planner who is knowledgeable and not just trying to get over on you means so much! Thank you ladies and your team for being so amazing!”