Christine & Christopher

Wedding Date: 5/29/2016
Now Amber Puerto Vallarta

“We knew our wedding would be fun, but we had no idea HOW MUCH fun we would have! It felt like a big vacation with our family and closest friends- something we could never recreate. Our emotional vows, fun choreographed first dance, and reception fireworks were the highlights!”

“Resort chic”

“For us it wasn’t about the details. It was about the intangibles- we wanted everyone to have fun and get to know each other before the actual wedding, and it worked beautifully. That’s what I loved about the destination wedding. We’d see the groom’s cousins eating breakfast with the bride’s college friends, co-workers swimming with out of town family, etc. Most people were there for a few days before/after the wedding so by the time we got to the actual ceremony and reception, it was like a big group of friends without cliques or awkward small talk.”

“Working with Modern Destination Weddings streamlined the process and made it easy for our guests to safely book overseas travel with confidence. It also kept the vast majority of guests from bugging us with travel/lodging/transportation questions!”