Kelly & Arthur

Wedding Date: 4/22/2017
Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites Resort

“My favorite memory from our wedding was finally seeing a year’s worth of ideas and planning come to life. It can be a bit stressful planning a wedding solely via email with the organizers, wondering if they’re fully understanding what I envision and want for our perfect day. But everything truly came together, and better than I could have expected! I loved seeing all of our friends and family enjoy the day as much as we did as the bride and groom.”

“I would describe our wedding style as simple and casual, with a touch of classic elegance. I didn’t want to get caught up in a beach theme, just because our wedding was taking place on the beach. I wanted it to be more about the colors coming together with the backdrop of the beautiful blue sky and ocean. We really took advantage of the simple, yet classic feel of the color white, with our chair covers, curtains draping the pergola and tablecloths and runners for the reception tables.”

“A favorite detail from our wedding would have to be the flower bouquets! They were exactly the colors I was hoping for, and perfectly matched to my bridesmaid dresses, pulling out the canary yellow with hints of blues and whites. I was very happy with how they turned out!”

“The process of searching for resort vendors and finding quotes within your budget can be very tricky and very time consuming! Itzel asked us our wants and needs, and helped us narrow down resorts right away, based on our requirements. She also helped narrow down all the wedding “extras” that can quickly add up, so that our budget stayed on track. Modern Destination Weddings really helped to make our lives as a bride and groom a lot easier! It was so nice to have that “middle man” to step in and help arrange our guest’s travel accommodations, leaving us with one less stress. Communication was very accessible with their travel agents, as they were quick to pick up the phone, return phone calls, and respond to emails efficiently. We have no regrets in our decision to work with their agency!”